Although there are over 200,000 miles of trails in the U.S., we walk less than any other industrialized nation.

"Exercise is one of those rare things where the hype actually meets reality."  Harvard School of Health

3 hours of brisk walking per week can lower a woman's risk of heart disease by 30% - 40%.

Americans 65 and over have the most time yet are the least active group in the U.S.

Heart disease affects 11.5% of Americans in one form or another.

In 2010, coronary heart disease alone cost an estimated $109 billion with 4.4 million people hospitalized for 4.6 days.

2600 Americans die from cardio-vascular disease each day--a rate of just over 2 people per minute.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity can all be improved with walking/exercise.

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